How Is Deepika Padukone In Real Life, Humble Or Full Of Attitude? Fans Reveal Her True Personality

How Is Deepika Padukone In Real Life, Humble Or Full Of Attitude? Fans Reveal Her True Personality

Bollywood actors are famous for their tantrums and not everyone can handle stardom. But there is one heroine in the Hindi film industry, who is known for her humble nature. She is not only a great actor but a good human being too. And we are talking about the very gorgeous Deepika Padukone.

It’s a known fact that unlike other superstars, she is level-headed and down to earth. Don’t believe us? Then read what some fans have posted on Quora about their first meeting with the leggy lass. ”I was once working as a freelance waiter (that’s how I call it) for a catering company. I got this job to work at the premiere of a shitty Indian movie called Shaadi No. 1.

Now, this was November 2005 – Way before Deepika Padukone was a known name. But she was amongst the top Indian models at that time.” Such A Beautiful Face, I Tell You! ”I remember I was serving some starters when I passed by her. Recalling only her last name from mostly page-3s of Bombay Times (where she’s been heavily featured in those days), I turned around and asked “Ms Padukone?!”

She smiled and nodded. Such a beautiful face, I tell you! And she was wearing traditional attire – a simple churidar dress – quite unusual for a model. I told her that she was my favourite model. She thanked me and asked if we had any cold coffee.” I Was Surprised By The Lack Of Tantrums ‘’For the next 10-15 minutes, I was running around and searching for a glass of the desired beverage. Unfortunately, it was not on the menu.

Dejected, I returned and informed her. Seeing my sorry face, she patted my shoulder and said that it was okay and that she would buy it later. I was surprised by the lack of tantrums I expected from a top model like her. She smiled, thanked me again, and went to watch the movie. ‘’ (sic) When A Backup Stylist Styled Deepika’s Hair Incorrectly Sindhu Satish writes, ”Deepika Padukone is as lovely from the inside as she looks on the outside. She is courteous, friendly, warm and extremely kind.

I remember us shooting for the Daboo Ratnani calendar once, and she had to rush to Delhi for an awards ceremony soon after.” ”Her hairstylist had an off day, so a backup hairstylist filled in for her and styled her hair incorrectly. Well, most people would have totally gotten hyper, but not Deepika.

She very politely told the hairstylist that is not okay, please speed up and correct the style, and thanks to that, the stylist immediately rectified her error. Post that, she shot in a jiffy and sped off towards the airport well in time for her flight. That incident spoke volumes about the person she is. Today, she is conquering the world not only because of her beauty, and talent but also because of her humility.


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