Sara weight loss journey: reveals story of her dramatic weight transformation

Sara weight loss journey reveals story of her dramatic weight transformation

Sara weight loss journey, Sara Ali Khan says her mother, Amrita Singh, did not recognise her at the airport after she underwent a body transformation abroad. Sara touched 96 kgs while she was studying at an American university, and made the decision to lose weight before joining the film industry.

Sara weight loss journey

Sara, who made her debut with Kedarnath, is the daughter of actors Saif Ali Khan and Amrita Singh. She told SpotboyE that she remembers crying to her mom about wanting to become an actor, which was when Amrita advised her to lose weight. Sara says in the four months during which she worked out abroad, she ‘even refrained from FaceTiming’ her. “She recognised me at the airport only because of my suitcases; I was looking completely different,” Sara said about losing 30 kgs.

Sara weight loss journey

Sara says it took her a year-and-a-half to lose the weight, which she’d gained after enrolling in university. “It took me about a year-and-half to lose that weight. So, I completed the remaining two years of my graduation in a year so that I can return and start working early. I was always a chubby girl, but after going to the States, for the first two years, I put on a lot of weight and then last year, I burned all those kilos there itself,” Sara said.

Sara weight loss journey

The actor, who will soon be seen in Simmba, opposite Ranveer Singh, said that America is a land of extremes. “Jahaan aapko pizza milta hain, wahin aapko protein milta hain. Jahaan pe chocolate milta hain, wahin aapko salad milta hain (On one hand you could eat a pizza and on the other you could have protein, on one hand you could get chocolate and on the other you could eat salad). That was it. So, I lost all the weight that I had gained there and lots more by working out and maintaining a disciplined life,” she said.

Sara weight loss journey

Sara gained positive reviews for her performance in Kedarnath, about star-crossed lovers caught in a natural disaster. The film, however, has received mixed reviews. The Hindustan Times, awarding it two out of five stars, called it a ‘wet weepie’ in its review. While Sara was compared to her mother – they look a lot like each other – Kedarnath was compared unfavourably to Titanic. The film has made Rs 27 crore in its opening weekend.

Sara Ali Khan’s diet plan for flat abs and toned body
Apparently, Sara follows a simple, yet, healthy eating plan that is good for the body and the mind. She prefers eating home-cooked food and eats at regular intervals of time. She does not starve herself to achieve her fitness goals. She includes plenty of fibre-rich foods in her diet. She begins her day with a glass of warm water. Here’s what her meal sample looks like.

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Breakfast: She loves having idlis, egg whites, bread toast in breakfast.
Lunch: Her lunch consists of chapatis, dal, salad, fruits and vegetables.
Snacks: For her evening snack, she has a bowl of upma to keep her feeling full and energised.
Dinner: Reportedly, she eats a simple, light dinner consisting of chapatis and green vegetables.
It is learnt the Sara usually eats a bowl of muesli along with some fruits and oats before her vigorous workout. Her post-workout snack includes tofu, salads, legumes and a protein shake.

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